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A Wysox Township man faces a pair of felony charges after Pennsylvania State Police said he sold more than $27,000 worth of stolen scrap metal during a five-month period last year.

According to police, 32-year-old Ryan W. Bozman was a second shift supervisor at Towanda Metadyne when he stole the metal from his employer between February and July 2020 – his last month with the company. An official with the company told police they had noticed irregularities in scrap metal weights during that time, and then found a scrap metal receipt from Weitsman Recycling in Owego for $866.51 while cleaning out Bozman’s locker. The receipt, according to the official, reflected metals that are generally uncommon and only used at Metadyne, but were under another man’s name.

Using the name of one of his friends, police said Bozman sold $26,955.87 worth of metal to Wetisman’s between February and July, and another $1,214.49 on one date using the identity of a woman who had given him a ride to the scrap metal business multiple times, who believed the metal was leftover from Bozman’s employer. Weitsman’s logs also reflected 8,584 pounds of tungsten and 3,380 pounds of densalloy/mallory under Bozman’s name, although no dollar amount was connected with the sale.

Police said during an interview in November, Bozman said he bought the scrap metal from a “John” in Scranton for $1 per pound, while also paying friends to drive him there to make the purchase, and then sold it to Wetisman’s for $2 per pound. However, police said Bozman has been unable to provide contact information for his metal supplier.

A warrant ended up being issued for Bozman’s arrest.

Bozman was arraigned on Feb. 10 before Magisterial District Judge Fred Wheaton on the felony charges of theft of secondary metal and receiving stolen property. A preliminary hearing was held on Feb. 17.

Bozman is currently free on $10,000 bail, according to court documents.

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