• By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the Democrat from Minnesota, uttered a forlorn sentiment at a Center for American Progress conference. She said Democrats can’t spend all their time bemoaning President Donald Trump’s existence, and that her voters care more about soybean exports than Russian bots.

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  • BY PAT NEVADA Say What?

Two nations, struggling for peace in one territory, were confronted with a momentous event, Monday, May 14.


During the past week, President Trump reneged on America’s 2015 nuclear arms reduction deal with Iran, even though the agreement was working and Iran was scrupulously meeting its requirements. European leaders, as well as Iranian civilian leaders who favor diplomacy, hope to keep the nuclear…

  • By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

In the second century A.D., Jewish rebels who had stunned the Romans and liberated a portion of Judea overstruck imperial coins with images and a message of their own, “Year One of the Redemption of Jerusalem.”

  • By GREG MARESCA Talking Points

If you are an independent voter or one who for whatever reason refuses to darken the door of your local polling place, this Tuesday is just another weekday in May. For those registered with a political party, Tuesday is the opportunity to vote in the state’s primary that will also unveil the…

  • By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

The instant analysis on cable TV of President Donald Trump’s decision to dump the Iran deal had a weary resignation to it: He said he would do this.

  • By PAT NEVADA Say What?

I spent nearly every summer of my early years at my grandparents’ home on a plateau above a gorge. It was a remote place with a general store that housed the post office, a church and an elementary school.

EDITOR: I am writing to state we are doing a huge disservice to our older folks in Bradford County. We pay taxes to provide a transportation service for those who are disabled and elderly. Unfortunately it takes standing on your head to obtain these services. I had back surgery three years a…

By Robert P. Bomboy

In a crazy and free-wheeling television interview last week, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani tore the tattered dirty old Bandaid off the big lie the President of the United States had been telling: that Trump didn’t know his lawyer had paid $130,000 just before the election to cover up T…

  • By RON BUTLER Former CEO of Laurel Health

Young people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s are classified as the “Millennial Generation” or “Generation Y.” For my readers that fall into this category, studies have concluded that you are generally regarded as being confident, self-expressive, liberal, energetic, upbeat, open…

  • By GRETCHEN BALSHUWEIT News and Presentation Editor

Although Easter is long past by now, I thought this week I’d write about my Easter Day adventures. Truthfully, I could have written about it a lot sooner, even on the day itself, but after all was said and done, exhaustion set in so much so that it took me all of two days to recover.

  • By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

Rod Rosenstein is doing a star turn as principled defender of the law, but he’s performed abysmally as deputy attorney general, and President Donald Trump would be fully justified in firing him.

  • By GREG MARESCA Talking Points

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg spent two days on Capitol Hill trying to enlighten what his social media giant actually does to Congressional greybeards. These are the same folks that supposedly read the 2,232 page, $1.5 trillion spending bill.

  • By PAT NEVADA Say What?

Often we look to the past to help us deal with the present. “History,” we are told, “repeats itself — or, at the very least, it rhymes.” So, we can gain insight from our past. Unfortunately, history does not always accurately reflect our past. After all, we are the storytellers of our past a…

  • By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

There is a lawlessness rampant in the land, but it isn’t emanating from the Trump administration.

Last week the Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit against President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, along with his family members and inner circle, Russia, Wikileaks and others, over Russia’s theft of important emails and tons of other data from the Democrats’ headquarters.


Have you ever noticed that the times in life that you most want a camera at hand, it’s not there, or you just can’t get the picture fast enough?

  • By GREG MARESCA Talking Points

Democrat Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker made congressional history in January 2017 becoming the first-ever sitting senator to testify against another senator in Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for Attorney General denouncing him as a “racist.”

  • By RICH LOWRY King Features Syndicate

If Republicans aren’t losing their congressional majority this coming fall, they are doing a good job of acting like it.

  • By PAT NEVADA Say What?

Ah, springtime. A lovely time. Except, spring brings test time. Ages ago, when I taught for a brief period, I came to dread administering standardized tests. Later, as our offspring went to school, I was aware that they needed to be well rested and fed properly during testing time. Naturally…

  • By GREG ZYLA Car Collector Corner

I’ve received about 20 letters over the last five years about the Chevy SSR, so now is a good time to answer these many Chevrolet SSR inquiries with one column.

  • BY ED ROGERS Special to The Washington Post

In the early 1980s, I did a lot of advance work for Vice President George H.W. Bush. Routinely, Barbara Bush would be on the trip, and I would often be assigned to manage part of her schedule. Not wanting to be presumptuous, I always made it a point to introduce myself to Mrs. Bush. I have a…