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It’s been a slimy business. The man who said from the beginning that he would “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption, has turned out to be the swamp itself.

The Harvard-Yale football matchup is known among their alumni as “the game.”  So, when students protesting global warming stormed the Yale Bowl at halftime, “the game” made national news for the first time in over a generation and it had nothing to do with football.  

The images of the South Bend mayor and Democratic presidential candidate participating in the Red Kettle Ring Off, a friendly competition between officials from South Bend and nearby Mishawaka over who can raise more for the Salvation Army during a day of bell-ringing, date from 2017.

There are plenty of news commentators who say America’s workers are doing just fine. They see low consumer prices, low unemployment, and a booming stock market as signs that all is well. But out in the real world, things are more worrying. Millions of Americans are barely subsisting on retai…

When I was young I fell in love with Charlotte Amalie. It was a passionate romance, a season in heaven, love at first sight. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, with long slender limbs, a voice soft as a summer breeze, a perfume drawn from the most exotic flowers of my imaginat…

When the news broke that Chick-fil-A would stop donations to the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home because they do not recognize same-sex marriages, the chicken franchise became another conservative casualty in the culture war of social ju…

According to progressive websites, Thanksgiving is a day devoted to arguing with your right-wing uncle. According to advertisements, it’s the day before Black Friday. In reality, it is the most American holiday.

Nancy Pelosi said she undertook impeachment “prayerfully,” and apparently what she was praying was that she could get it over with as soon as possible.

Campaigning for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Joe Biden is a well-known advocate of abortion, who no longer supports the Hyde Amendment that bans abortion from federal funding.  

As you know, each year I give a special award to a person or persons exhibiting courage and honesty in government. The year is not yet out, but I have come to believe that the swirl of events around us today compels me to break with tradition and name a second winner for 2019.

At a recent Sunday Mass, the parish’s 8th grade confirmation class participated in the Rite of Enrollment into the Book of the Elect.  During the induction, the candidates were collectively asked if they were willing to receive the final sacrament of Catholic initiation – confirmation.  

Awful things are going on inside the Trump White House. Plots and schemes — buy Greenland for its rare-earth metals, betray the Kurdish men and women who fought for us in Syria, co-opt the president of Ukraine, snatch immigrant children from their weeping mothers — horrors that match the evi…

At any one time, the United States uses more than 400,000 megawatts of electricity. That’s a lot of power, and it takes a lot of non-stop work to keep it flowing. But how safe is America’s power grid from cyber attacks and other disruptions?

With the year’s final season now firmly installed and my attention focused on the day-to-day action in the congressional committees, I realize I’ve been remiss in not keeping up my scorecard on Donald Trump’s nominations to the federal courts.

If you were to ask the majority of baptized Catholics what their thoughts were of the recently concluded Amazon Synod, most would think you were questioning them about some product offered on the internet merchandizing giant, Amazon.  

Republicans have had trouble mounting an effective defense on Ukraine because they haven’t put down their stakes on the most defensible ground.

More than a year ago, on July 9, 2018, I wrote a column titled, “Where are the lost children?”

As the dawn of the NBA regular season looms, Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey decided to exercise his 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech when he tweeted: “Fight For Freedom Stand with Hong Kong” in support of their protests against Mainland China. 

Republican senators will soon be receiving an invitation to tear apart the GOP ahead of the 2020 elections, and they are going to decline to accept it.

“Foreign policy is what I’ll be remembered for,” Donald Trump has bragged since he came into office, but he’s biting his tongue about that now.

In January 2017, when Donald Trump took the oath of office, the cry for his impeachment has echoed nonstop.  For Democrats, impeachment is more than any pie, cake or cobbler; it is a just desert – a four-letter word – because they lost the White House in 2016.  

Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur and gadfly, has definitely cleared the bar for a successful cause candidate.

From 1969 through 2015, presidents released their tax returns for publication. In fact, even presidential candidates released their returns. So common was the practice that some of us assumed it was the law.