The Green New Deal, spearheaded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey consists of a laundry list full of hopeful environmental conventions and protocols that would only serve to redistribute income from sea to shining sea.

The Left’s policies are not only radical, but logically and economically unschooled as the GND violates the economic laws of supply and demand, physics, and mathematics.

The free market loves carbon as much as a middle-schooler loves Knoebels.  The oil and gas share of the S&P 500 in the first quarter of 2019 smoked the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index that tracks the developers of clean-energy technologies.  

The Wall Street Journal reports that over the past two decades, “reciprocating engine capacity has tripled within the U.S. power grid than in the entire half-century before.”  It’s the only practical way to produce electricity fast enough when the wind dies and the clouds move in.   

Along with coal and the more recent windfall innovation of fracking, oil and natural gas remain the planet’s undisputed trifecta that makes up 80 percent of the world’s energy supply.  Renewable resources like wind, solar, tides, geothermal just can’t compete without a boatload of federal subsidies as part of the equation.  

To unleash the full fury of the Leftist torrent is to have the federal government end all subsidies for renewable energy – no exceptions.    

No one needs a lecture from Al Gore to understand that renewable energies are too expensive and not nearly as applicable as fossil fuels.  Moreover, has Gore moved to a smaller abode and turned his heated swimming pool into a solar panel field?  Have the Clinton’s consolidated and downsized?  How about Michael Moore? The Obamas?  

They are all still living lavish and large, but expecting you, the deplorables still clinging to your religion and guns, to comply with their hypocrisy. 

The GND is nothing short of socialist environmentalism.  It uses the natural world as a club to intimidate and coerce people into doing what totalitarian economic socialists otherwise could not accomplish at the ballot box.  

Fear is the great motivator of Democrats where a socialist like Ocasio-Cortez has claimed the world will end in 12 years. What investor would want to finance any type of renewables with such a looming, catastrophic deadline?  Moreover, how many wind turbines and solar panels can be manufactured without using fossil fuels?    

The premise that it is human carbon emissions that are the crux of the global warming issue, which is constantly being exploited by politicians and academics has become legend. 

 The GND and its plethora of carbon taxes will increase subsidies for renewables, but it will mostly empower and enrich the left’s totalitarian bureaucratic state that will attempt to micromanage every aspect of your energy usage.  

How can those on the Left deny cheap and abundant fossil fuel energy to the Third World, which they claim to have so much empathy for?  If it doesn’t adhere to the Leftist credo, then Third World or not, you are out of luck.       

What is never discussed or covered in the mainstream media is the fact that the United States leads the world in decreased carbon emissions without the need of the Kyoto or the Paris climate accords.    

After a 45 year run, Three Mile Island will be closing down at the end of September with no federal subsidies for them to be found.  

The lost, carbon-free, generation from this closure is greater than all the wind and solar presently operating in the Commonwealth.  

Leftists cheer when a nuke shuts down.  Either they are completely devoid of mathematical skills, or there concern for global warming is just another political façade for total government regulation of the energy sector.  

Bet on both.  

Democrats through the GND have in place an incredibly expensive ideal to fix precisely nothing. Democrats will use the immerging green initiatives as they did with their campaign for Obamacare to legislate more control over the economy.  

Like the original New Deal, the GND includes massive government intervention in the American economy through more spending, regulation, and taxes.  

The bottom line is that this GND is a Trojan horse calculated to launch socialism.  

To believe otherwise is a fool’s errand.