As a culture’s moral foundation erodes, anything goes. 

It was an early Christmas gift of epic proportion to his generous donors and friends at Planned Parenthood as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill that would have banned the abortion of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome.  The bill passed through the Pennsylvania Senate, 27-22 and House 117-76 before being aborted by Wolf’s signature. 

 Prior to his election as the governor, Wolf served as a volunteer escort for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s premier abortion mill, so his extremism is no surprise. After all, Planned Parenthood dropped $1.5 million on Wolf’s 2018 reelection campaign.  Sadly, Wolf’s veto was anticipated as unrestricted abortion undergirds the Democratic platform – nationwide. 

Wolf is a prowling contradiction of duplicity.  The governor wants to project the benevolent and diplomatic image that he is some great humanitarian, who is steadfastly against the death penalty for convicted murders.  While at the same time, Wolf has no issue with aborting innocent children diagnosed with Down syndrome whose only offense is not conforming to contemporary America’s paradigm of perfection.  

Wolf justified his veto saying, “Physicians and their patients must be able to make choices about medical procedures based on best practices and standards of care.”  

What Wolf doesn’t seem to comprehend, or is totally indifferent to just like the rest of his political party is that abortion has absolutely nothing to do with health care, but everything to do with murder.  Rather his veto is a textbook case of eugenics and underscores where we are at as a state and country.  

Wolf is ripping out a page from Iceland’s eugenics’ playbook where they want so badly to believe that they have actually eradicated Down syndrome on that island nation.  The only reason why Down syndrome children are not born in Iceland is because the country’s women abort their babies provided their results show their baby has tested positive for the disorder.  

Iceland has not eliminated Down syndrome – far from it.  Rather, they are killing everyone diagnosed with it in the womb.  Naturally, some of the tests are false positives that are dismissed as just more collateral damage of the culture war.    

Jeremy Samek of the Pennsylvania Family Institute: “We would never say that we’ve eradicated homelessness by eradicating homeless people, and I think that’s essentially what they’re doing here.” 

According to here in the U.S. between 1995 and 2011, up to 75 percent of babies diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted.   

According to Wolf, sentencing criminals to death is inhumane — but barbarically killing babies, in particular disabled children in the womb is just another “medical procedures based on best practices and standards of care.”  

The Democratic Party has never met a form of abortion it didn’t want to increase or stick taxpayers with the cost. Abortion of children diagnosed with Down syndrome is anything but health care.  

It’s tragic.  

As Democrat Gov. Robert Casey once articulated it’s not about “right versus left, but right versus wrong.”

How far down the rabbit hole we crawled.  

Democrats love to preach to us deplorables about tolerance, diversity and acceptance, but never when it comes to abortion.  The motto of the Commonwealth is: Virtue, Liberty and Independence.  Wolf’s veto defies God, natural law, common sense and the state’s historic motto. 

 Here’s a question not one Democrat will answer: If a homosexual genetic marker existed, and it doesn’t, would they permit the abortion for that reason? It would be prohibited by law.

The leftist, utopian, yellow brick road leads to a dystopian venue where people are only as valuable as they are useful.  Children with Down syndrome their argument goes are a burden to their parents and society.  

Who’s next?  

Seniors with dementia? 

As a culture’s moral foundation erodes, anything goes. 

Provided you know someone with Down syndrome, you know they are often the most benevolent people you will ever meet.  The American Journal of Medical Genetics reported that 99 percent of those with Down syndrome say they are happy, and 94 percent of their siblings express pride in them. 

What Wolf fails to understand or just doesn’t care is that fact that every abortion is a dream denied, a story never scripted, a contribution never crafted.

And society is poorer for it. 

Greg Maresca is a NYC native, USMC veteran and graduate of Bloomsburg University who has resided in Penn’s Woods for 30 years and has written a weekly for 13 of them.