If you were to ask the majority of baptized Catholics what their thoughts were of the recently concluded Amazon Synod, most would think you were questioning them about some product offered on the internet merchandizing giant, Amazon.  

Since Vatican II, practicing Catholics, who actually believe what the Church has taught for over two millennia, have been doing a MacArthur and fading away.  Yet, the Church’s hierarchy questions why Mass attendance continues to plummet and young folks are leaving in droves.        

For those who still care, a synod is an assembly of bishops that advise the pope.  From October 6 to the 27, this latest synod in Rome was devoted to the Amazon region’s pastoral needs.  Contrast that with the three-day synod back in February on the sexual abuse crisis – the worst calamity the Church has faced in centuries.  

The synod commenced in the Vatican gardens with a pagan fertility ritual presided over by costumed Amazonians that involved two statues of naked and pregnant women called Pachamamas.  Discussions ensued about married priests, the ordination of women, ecological sins against “Mother Earth,” and gratuitous reception of the Holy Eucharist – emphasizing how the synod’s Liberation theology undercurrent that has lit up the Vatican ever since Pope Francis’s election.   

Then a story broke how the funding of abortion in the Amazon from the U.S. based Ford Foundation is as common as their ancient practice of infanticide, which was promptly dismissed.  If that wasn’t enough, a published report from an atheist writer friend of Pope Francis said the pontiff doesn’t believe Jesus was divine.  

Not to be outdone, a YouTube video recorded these pagan statues being tossed into Rome’s Tiber River.  As the Vatican was pining over the Pachamamas fate, their offices were raided by police investigating a half billion-dollar pilfering from Peter’s Pence, the papal treasury. 

Former Vatican insider Archbishop Viganò declared: “Christ is absent” from the synod’s working document.  American Cardinal Burke called the synod “a direct attack on the Lordship of Christ” and German Cardinal Müller affirmed that Jesus has been “chased out of the Synod.” 

Like water, the Amazon synod took the path of least resistance, flooding with doubt, heresy and apostasy.  This poisonous trifecta of ignorance is not totally the domain of those in the pews, but navigating this River Styx is the Vicar of Christ himself – Pope Francis.  

You won’t hear a peep about this from most pulpits, but Francis’ pontificate has been a growing cancer upon the universal Church and for those that do remain in the pews, they are either in denial, disbelief, or completely tuned-out.  

Even longtime Catholic author George Weigel, who has been nothing short of a scripting contortionist for the pope, has finally smelled the incense writing, “The mask of modernism has been ripped off, only to reveal, in the words of Francis, an ‘Amazonian face,’ beneath which is a U.N. body.”

According to numerous Catholic media outlets, Pope Francis wants all this “confusion.”  

The controversy and confusion will continue because this is the new normal.  

In a time and place where common sense, tradition and morality has been ridiculed, lampooned and dismissed as old-fashioned, why should anyone expect anything different?  

When will Catholics stop making excuses for Pope Francis?

Many throughout the Church’s hierarchy no longer believe what the Church has handed down for over two millennia and seem to savor the Church’s tightrope walk of schism.     

A pious priest once told me that there are no such things as coincidences.  In the middle of the synod on Sunday, October 20, 2019, the gospel reading was from the 18th Chapter of Luke that ended with the eighth verse: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”  

Is anyone at the Vatican paying attention? 

It’s a guarantee that the synod’s concluding document will be as ambiguous and abstract as Pope Francis’ six-and-a-half year papacy.  

Is any clear, concise, and correct declaration from Pope Francis too much to ask?  

The Papacy was instituted by Jesus to safeguard the Deposit of Faith, not to remake or reinterpret it.  Somebody in the Vatican needs to tell Pope Francis, who only emboldens the Church’s enemies.  

Apparently, that is exactly what Pope Francis wants.   

Greg Maresca is a NYC native, USMC veteran and graduate of Bloomsburg University who has resided in Penn’s Woods for 30 years and has written a weekly for 13 of them.