The Harvard-Yale football matchup is known among their alumni as “the game.”  So, when students protesting global warming stormed the Yale Bowl at halftime, “the game” made national news for the first time in over a generation and it had nothing to do with football.  


If anything, demonstrators made folks aware that Harvard and Yale do indeed field football teams.  The stampede by nearly 1,000 students demanded that both schools divest their multi-billion dollar endowments from all fossil fuel companies. 


Their snowflake tantrum lasted more than 30-minutes before they were removed chanting, “cancel the debt,” which is not to be confused with the national debt, rather it’s their high-priced student loan debt.  Proving once again that those entitled will chose selfishness over solidarity daily – Saturday game days, especially.  


There’s nothing like the affluent sowing their leftist oats.  These utopian-minded snowflakes believe it is a grand idea to stop all oil and gas production now that we have finally achieved energy independence.  


What havoc would that do to tailgating, players’ uniforms, and the Yale Bowl’s year-old synthetic field - all petroleum based products?  The devil is always in the details.  For one, if Yalevard divests from all those companies, they will have no say in their management. As stockholders, they at least have a seat at the table. 


How many of these global warming warriorstraveled to and from Yale on a fossil fueled spewing conveyance after having their breakfast and lunch cooked by the same carbon provision.  When they departed back to their climatized dorms that are illuminated by fossil fuels, such emotional trauma must be overwhelming.  Both universities should have responded by turning off the power, while handing out MREs for dinner.    


Why not peddle every day like those two middle-aged dudes who commute along Route 61?  Why must other people be required to sacrifice for the desires of others? If they are so committed to the cause, they should visit the Chinese and Indian embassies where carbon generated pollution in both nations can get so bad that it is near impossible to quantify accurate toxic levels.  


Harvard responded saying they, “respectfully disagreed with divestment.”  These universities need to do a much better job of teaching critical thinking and they can start with the rudiments of free speech.  Our right of free speech does not include a right to force other people to listen.  Reasonable access to public space is a corollary of free speech, but a football field at halftime isn’t public space.   


Why are these students withering away their last dozen years on earth going to school anyway?  They should be partying like it’s 2031.  


In retrospect, such a protest could only happen in the Ivy League. There is no way such shenanigans materializes in Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia, or any other venue in the Southeastern Conference.  


President Trump received a huge ovation at the recent LSU-Alabama game and will receive the same next Saturday in Philadelphia when the most storied rivalry in college football will be the marquee game throughout the nation as it should be when Navy takes on Army – an American tradition that dates back to 1890. 


When those cadets and midshipmen graduate, many will be in harm’s way defending the Constitution against all enemies.  Both academies successfully balance a rigorous academic slate with military duties and leadership responsibilities – including football – in service to the nation. 


Every one of their fellow cadets and midshipmen will be present, too. And when the sun fades from the horizon, a deep chill seeps into your bones that won’t surrender.  And not one of them will dare take a seat from the moment they march into the stadium – three hours before kickoff.    


If you are a college football fan and chances are if your eyes have made it this far, you are, this game should be atop of your bucket list.  At halftime, there is the exchange of sides when the president of the United States after sitting among the cadets will spend the second half with the midshipmen as an honor guard from both academies stands watch at midfield as he makes the changeover.


The only snowflakes to be found are generated solely by Mother Nature – as it should be.