Disasters have been with us even before the unsettled days of Chicken Little, who was so convinced that the sky was falling; she refused to believe any other explanation was even possible.  Unable to locate the portion of “sky” that wacked Little upside the head, she continued chirping her own version of the truth to anyone who would listen.   


Enter 16 year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden who left school behind in order to save the planet with her dire warnings that Mother Earth – our third rock from the Sun – will meet with dire consequences thanks to humankind turning up the global heat.  


Greta and 15 other children filed a carbon complaint through UNICEF at that worldwide playhouse – the United Nations – but failed to include China and India, the biggest perpetrators of all.  For Greta’s efforts, she picked up the Right Livelihood Award and pocked about $103,000.  


Naturally, Greta was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  


If Barack Obama can win for being elected, Greta should be a shoe-in for her well-coached judgmental rant at the U.N with her repetitious and scolding: “How dare you!”  She sounded like someone who lost her IPhone at 2:30 am, as your breathing offended her.  Greta then laments about losing her childhood and missing school in a first-degree case of international child abuse courtesy of her own parents. 


Pundit Laura Ingraham weighed-in saying Greta’s presentation was “chilling” and compared her delivery to that eccentric 1984 film, “Children of the Corn,” where possessed children slowly knock-off all the adults. 


Despite our planet being over 4.5 billion years old, a recent Rasmussen poll said 29 percent of Americans believe it is “at least somewhat likely that the earth will become uninhabitable and humanity will be wiped out” within the next 15 years.  The hope here is that this erudite group of Americana will anchor themselves in their cellar hoarding can goods come Election Day. 


Ideologues cannot help themselves, as every grievance to them is an occasion to score politically.  Globalists do not care about the earth’s temperature or humankind for that matter.  If they did, they would ended the onslaught of abortion.  What matters most is governments need to abandon their national sovereignty to “save the earth.”


Provided nothing is accomplished to her satisfaction, Greta’s says we are “evil.” 


However, carbon emissions just like Greta’s next exhaled breath is a byproduct of humanity’s existence.  


As long humanity inhabits the Earth, there will always be an appetite for doom and gloom.  


The Competitive Enterprise Institute published a few examples of prior earthly demise: In 1967, the Los Angeles Times headlined: “Dire Famine Forecast by 1975” saying it might “already be too late.”  On August 10, 1969, The New York Times quoted a 37-year-old scientist predicting a new ice age and that “everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.”  An April 16, 1970 story in the Boston Globe quoted Dr. Paul R. Erlich of the University of California, Riverside, predicting America will be “subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.” Erlich said the oceans would be as dead as Lake Erie in less than a decade.  On July 9, 1971, The Washington Post, which, like most other media, now claims climate change and a warming planet is “settled science,” thought differently then.  It quoted Dr. S. I. Rasool of NASA and Columbia University. Rasool predicted a coming “new ice age.”  He was described as a “leading atmospheric scientist,” so he should be believed, right?  He predicted we had only about “50 or 60 years” to save ourselves from freezing to death.  


Fear is infused because fear works.  


What Greta and her Leftist supporters fail to understand, or even consider is the fact that the world’s impoverished will do whatever they can to improve their lot in life, including burning whatever is necessary for energy.  


Those who espouse the Leftist narrative are not to be questioned, and their objective has nothing to do with global warming.  It is about conceding your liberty, spread the wealth, and grow the bureaucratic state.   They even have the Roman Pontiff on board acting as a U.N. global warming lobbyist, rather than the Vicar of Christ.


What a tangled web they weave.