Gauge of the year: Life expectancy in the U.S. dropped for the third straight year. The last time that happened was over a century ago, when we were in the middle of World War I and the worst flu pandemic in recorded history.  


You cannot write that award: The owners of a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky have sued their insurance company for rain damage. The Ark Encounter exhibit is a 510-foot-long “sister attraction” of the nearby Creation Museum, claim they suffered “tortious injury” to the tune of $1 million when their insurers failed to adequately compensate thanks to heavy rains earlier this year.  


Multiplication medal:  Boris Johnson, who with his wild blonde hair, bombastic personality and strong, nationalistic views as Britain’s Prime Minister should give Democrats reason to pause.  Not only is Trump being impeached; he is multiplying. 


Best Political Cartoon: A smirking Obama is sitting in the Oval Office and the caption reads: “He talked about hope and change for eight years.  What he failed to mention was that it would not come until after he left office.”


Leftist of the year: Even though the competition is always fierce, 2019’s honor goes to Rosanna Arquette: “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged.  It disgusts me.  And I feel so much shame.”  Disgust and shame, agreed, but, not for being white rather for being an arrogant fool.


Question:  How much longer will Christians sit idly by as their heritage is torn apart under the guise of tolerance and diversity?  


Protest prize: CNN. The White House and the Kremlin exchanged protests after a Russian destroyer nearly grazed the USS Chancellorsville in the Philippine Sea.  CNN demanded to know who named a U.S. Navy ship after a Confederate victory, and what do we have to do to sink it? 


Movie of the Year:  “Unplanned” lays out the lies that the liberal left has perpetrated on innocent women for decades. Unplanned is told by the former clinic’s manager, who was awarded “Manager of the Year” before she quit, because she could not take the lies anymore. Why do liberals lie and claim it is health care when they know it is terminating the life of a child?  


Deplorables’ book of the year: “The Case for Trump” by the political and military scholar Victor Davis Hanson.  It is a fact-based and compelling analysis of why and how Donald Trump won the presidency.  


Sign of the times award:  Director Quentin Tarantino was reported shopping his Charles Manson movie away from the Weinstein Company and offering it to another studio. How bad are things when even Charles Manson’s name could be damaged if it’s linked to Harvey Weinstein?


2019 Book of the year: In “Bytes, Bombs and Spies: The Strategic Dimensions of Offensive Cyber Capabilities,” edited by Herb Lin and Amy Zegart explains how war is changing and why cyber weapons are now a part of our nation’s arsenal.   


Most difficult: 2019 may have been the toughest year in recorded history to sleep your way to the top.


Best Church fund-raising signage: “Holy Water Car Wash: Will Wash the Hell Out of Your Car.”


Irony of the year:  Disney is boycotting the state of Georgia since its “Fetal Heartbeat” abortion law went into effect that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Disney is a company that produces children’s films, yet refuses to protect the preborn children that would one day be customers of their products.  


Team for the ages: Southern Columbia’s high school football Tigers. Undefeated, unconquered and unchallenged.  Talking with many football pundits, writers and luminaries throughout the season nearly all agreed that Southern was not just the best team at Class AA, but the best team in the state in any PIAA classification.   


To honor the memory of my longtime friend and U.S. Marine who, along with his son, gave his life in the defense of their home during Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, the seventh annual John Filipowicz Award:  Bill French.  Three months after Wood-Mode abruptly shut its doors, putting more than 900 workers out of work, French saw potential and took ownership of the company.   Since then, French has put 290 former employees back to work.