Worldwide, we are undergoing unprecedented times as a pandemic sweeps the globe, economic hardships proliferate, riots and protests unfold in the streets, and political polarization intensifies as the presidential election nears.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 may seem like an anomaly in a few ways as normalcy slips farther and farther away, history has proven that past pandemics, namely in 1968 and 2009, have also caused concern. However, there are key differences that set these pandemics apart from COVID-19 because very few schools across the U.S. closed in both ’68 and ’09 and churches and businesses nationwide weren’t mandated to be shut down until the point of religious, economic, and psychological downfall.

These pandemics clearly did not define history in the same way as COVID has thus far. Why? The answer is simple when looking at the big picture: COVID-19 has been politicized beyond recognition and was carefully orchestrated to tear down all that America has come to represent and instead situate a new culture wave. Data sets as of Sept. 9 showed that in the U.S., the total number of deaths in the 0-4 age group is 33. In the 19-44 age group in the U.S., a total of 5,202 individuals have died from COVID-19. Finally, the over 75 age range has a total of 101,509 deaths. These statistics have clearly had a minimal effect on the U.S.’s population when comparing them to the total population of the U.S. as of this Sept. 12, which is 331,388,690 million.

Instilling fear in a world where power reigns is a dangerous game to play and causes all good sense to be completely abandoned. The mania surrounding the pandemic was meant to instill the want for a drastic change in administration by obliterating people’s livelihoods, mental health, sowing unrest in our streets, and watching as our historic monuments and former way of life disappears into oblivion. Pitting Americans against Americans through the protests on racism is yet another tactic of division. The ideals that our country, the land of the free, was founded on were based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but some have deduced that only racist ideologies and bigotry are at the core of America.

Inevitably, COVID has forced individuals to rely solely on the government and this idea will continue in the new world order laid out by elite figures including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Antonio Guterres. There is a catastrophic plan that is being deputed on the world stage and comes in the form of a platform called the World Economic Forum, which is a non-government organization based in Switzerland that aims to “… shape global, regional, and industry agendas.” For the U.S., this means an extreme shift from what defines America, which will only spell disaster in the long-term.

This is the very narrative that the Biden-Harris Administration seeks to promote by leaning toward policies that would take decisions out of the hands of constituents and into the hands of a bigger, power-hungry government. The former prime minister of Portugal, Antonio Guterres, put it clearly by stating “It is imperative that we reimagine, rebuild, redesign, and rebalance our world.” But rebalancing comes at a cost that does not justify the means. This will only dismantle morality in order for a select few political elite to reign at the top.