When the news broke that Chick-fil-A would stop donations to the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home because they do not recognize same-sex marriages, the chicken franchise became another conservative casualty in the culture war of social justice.    

Years ago when Chick-fil-A CEO S. Truett Cathy defended traditional marriage between a man and a woman, he placed himself and his company in the LGBTQ crosshairs. Apparently, when Cathy passed away, he took his company’s corporate backbone with him.

Despite the constant harangue of LGBTQ, Chick-fil-A thrived becoming the third highest-selling franchise behind McDonald’s and Starbucks. What was even more impressive was the fact that they did it while operating six days a week instead of the usual seven by honoring the Third Commandment by closing on Sunday something no other contemporary franchise would ever consider.

With success, came the pressure to grow the franchise.  Not all venues were welcoming, which included some college campuses and at least three major airports.  In October, when Chick-fil-A announced it would open a franchise in England, British protesters convinced the owner to drop the deal.  

Chick-fil-A is doing what the private sector does best – capitalize on its fecundity of innovation and develop global outreach, which is certainly understandable, but to concede the tenants of your faith while doing it? 

They were growing despite the protests and boycotts, precisely because people supported their distinguished Christian principles. Now they chickened out went Gordon Gekko chasing as many possible sources of revenue possible.  

Why did Chick-fil-A cross the road?  

To concede with the other side, where the left has succeeded in coercing a growing company that was committed to the Judeo-Christian traditions America was founded upon.  Those who oppose Chick-fil-A will be emboldened rather than satisfied, and don’t be surprised to hear demands that the company must now actively support leftist causes. 

Naturally, all of this will occur in the hallowed name of tolerance and diversity. 

Many see the move as a betrayal of its founding principles that was motivated by the dual maneuvering of political correctness and public relations in an all-out effort to grow an ever-increasing bottom line.    

As enticing as their chicken sandwiches are, patronizing Chick-fil-A was also a cultural testimonial – a rebuttal of leftist ideology – until, of course, it wasn’t.

This isn’t about serving the LGBTQ community, it’s about endorsing the LGBTQ identity and the political overtures that go with it.  There is no gray area no matter how one tries to spin it.  

Acceptance is always paved with compromise. 

Chick-fil-A caved to leftists, who never eat at their restaurant, and as a result they will lose the business of plenty of conservatives who do.  Soon enough, Chick-fil-A will learn that surrendering to the ideologues of the left will in no way satisfy them, but inspire them.  Once you give into a bully, they always want more concessions.  The LGBTQ legion once pleaded for tolerance and now they want to be applauded and revered.

Since Chick-fil-A has ordered their values to go by waving the white flag on God’s truth, they have succeeded in alienating their own base – the people and principles that made them who they are.

Chick-fil-A has profitably scaled the secular slippery slope.  On the horizon, are rainbow flags and Sunday business hours.    

The ideology of leftism never takes prisoners; rather they manufacture victims. 

Chick-fil-A could realize when you get woke, you go broke.  

Brokenness comes in many forms and it does not discriminate.  

Demands that the company must now support causes the left holds in high regard will follow.  When gay marriage was legalized it wasn’t enough.  Rather than lament about the rights of Christian bakers, or government employees who issue marriage licenses where it’s not enough to have any clerk wait on you, they demand that the only clerk who refuses on religious grounds must wait on them. Chick-fil-A will find out soon enough that the left will have even more demands of then. 

S. Truett Cathy knew better than to cave like this.

When Christians put the praise of man over the glory of God, they earn neither.  

It’s called the narrow road for a reason, as only a few will travel it. 

Greg Maresca is a NYC native, USMC veteran and graduate of Bloomsburg University who has resided in Penn’s Woods for 30 years and has written a weekly for 13 of them.