Ready to give up?

When are the Democrats going to give up?

Mueller didn’t give them what they wanted.

The American people are tired of all the questions about President Trump. Gayle King made such a remark on CBS news!

Let President Trump get on with what needs to be done. Build the wall and close the loopholes on immigration.

American citizenship, who should be eligible?

Expose the practice of birth right citizenship. Roughly 300,000 babies (so called anchor babies or jackpot babies) are born on U.S. soil to foreigners and illegal aliens are granted automatic U.S. citizenship each year. We have another problem facing our country. “Birth tourism,” the practice of foreign women from China, Russia, the Middle East, Mexico, Latin America and other regions of the world entering the United States to ensure their babies are born U.S. citizens, is now a booming business.

These new citizens become a tremendous drain on all of our resources, hospitals, schools, welfare and judicial system.

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda