A current event

I have been interested in the “dearth of LTEs” in spite of all of the stimulating material. And, today, it all changed!

I surely do hope that not too many anti-Trumpers are not suffering too much abdominal distress if they read The Review’s 8-27 article by Will Weissert regarding the Republican Party’s support of anti-Trump Republican campaign hopefuls. I for one would say, “Let them try” and “Let the chips fall where they may.”

In my estimation, there were some excellent “opposition candidates” who were running in the 2016 primary, but, quite obviously, at that point in time, “the best man won.” And, given the opportunity, I cannot say that I would not vote again for one of the two opposing candidates.

And, in spite of the fact that I feel that President Trump has done a reasonably good job as president of the United States, I would advise him to temper his tweeting urge! And, I am glad that he beat Hillary!

Now, we need someone to beat Bernie and Joe! Oh yes, and “what’s her name!”

Ramon Yale