Remember the future

Ignore, deny, avoid and blame — none of these help us move into a future with hope. We don’t need to go back to Obama’s ways. This is what we’ll get with Biden.

We point to someone else as the source of all our problems. President Trump has and is changing the way America has been treated by other countries.

Yes, we — or most of us — are descendants of immigrants who came here and did it legally.

Now there are teenagers who don’t speak English, they don’t know a trade for a job. Some will work, others want a handout.

There are young mothers with children, no husband to support them. Some are pregnant women. Where are the men responsible? Are they criminals or in jail or prison?

We as taxpayers of America support them in as many ways. There are those of us who have worked all our lives and retire, our tax dollars should not be used this way.

There are people here in America who are legal, they need our help. Our veterans, widows, orphans, the homeless, our senior citizens, people with medical problems, and many more.

We need President Trump, who cares about the citizens of America, our country’s military, manufacturing, jobs and so much more.

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda