Never forget

Bill Clinton appears some twenty-odd times in the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. President Trump was accused of having raped a 13 year-old girl in Epstein’s mansion in a 1994 deposition.

These two facts smash any illusion we may have about the “oppositeness” of Republicans and Democrats and the nature of the elite. We have been asked frequently to adapt to “new normals” (declining incomes, social safety-net cuts, de-industrialization). With Epstein, we have another such “new normal”; however, this one we’re being asked to ignore.

Regardless of how he died, we must not let this glimpse into the dark, sleazy world of the elite be forgotten like so much other news these days. It isn’t an aberration. Both when reading the attitudes of his friends, one is surprised by how mundane the abuse all is to them. Ultimately, nothing too bizarre is going on. Disgusting? Yes. Criminal? Yes. But they’re are lulled into thinking that due to their immense wealth and power treating “normal people” as objects is fine. Similarly, we cannot view Epstein and his cohort as something different from us.

He’s a nerd who made it big and hates everyone besides the rich. The fact his model agency was named after a lame Einstein joke shows his geekiness. This guy would struggle to find women interested in him if he wasn’t a rich psychopath.

He knew everyone. They are different variations of him, some better, some worse. This is what forms when one subset of society is allowed too much wealth and power. We cannot be in denial of this sickness and we cannot believe the media telling us everything is okay. But at the same time, we aren’t hopeless. There is hope and it is in unity of us normal people he and his ilk despise.

Jimmy Delabar