Week in review

Joyce Richlin writes, “We need President Trump, who cares about the citizens of America.” Okay, let’s look at last week:

It began with Trump expressing interest in buying Greenland, a territory of Denmark. The Danish prime minister called the proposal “absurd.”

On Tuesday, Trump called off his planned visit to Denmark, later saying, “I thought it was not a nice statement, the way she blew me off.” Trump’s nonsense infuriated the Danes, our NATO ally since 1949.

On Wednesday morning, Trump in a tweet promoted a racist conspiracy monger, who claimed that the Israeli Jews love Trump like he’s “the second coming of God.” Of course, Jews do not believe in the second coming of God, let alone that Trump could be it.

Later, Trump threatened to release into France and Germany thousands of Islamic State fighters held by a U.S.-backed Kurdish group in Syria. Is this any way to treat two other longstanding NATO allies?

On Friday morning Trump tweeted, “My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?” So the Federal Reserve chairman — handpicked by Trump — is now an enemy? A stock market slide resulted.

Another tweet made it worse: “Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China.” Of course, Trump has no authority to order such a thing, and this truly is the talk of unhinged dictators.

At G-7, Trump promoted Russia’s reentry to the group. His advocacy for Putin shocked other members, who nearly all oppose Russia’s readmission.

And on Sunday, Axios reported that Trump suggested exploding a nuclear bomb in hurricanes heading our way. One briefer described the silence: “You could hear a gnat fart.”

Ms. Richlin says that Joe Biden will take us back to the ways of President Obama. After last week, that’s sounding especially good.

Dale Adams

Washington, D.C.

Former Bradford County resident