What should terrify you

In reference to Jack Schamel’s letter to the editor, “These Words Should Scare You,” there are three things I find terrifying: the attempted coup of our president, socialism, and open borders.

Maybe you are oblivious to the fact that radical politicians, like Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and their merry band of bandits weaponized their powers and orchestrated a surreptitious coup, through treasonous and seditious actions, to sabotage and nullify the results of our democratic electoral process, because “Queen Jezebel” lost the election.

These radical Socialists are always preaching equalitarianism, where we will all be socially and economically equal. Yes, we will all be equal in poverty. It is “Robin Hood politics,” robbing the rich and giving to the poor. They want to give everyone everything for free. Our government will become the company store, and they will own our souls. It is all about making people dependent on the government and building an authoritarian society for total and complete control. Socialism is a treacherous snare, and it will be the final nail driven into democracy’s coffin.

I assume you agree with the socialists’ policies on open borders. The socialists are willing to let in un-vetted people, drugs and gang members into America. They are glad to give away all of America’s prosperity to them, while selling out their own citizens in exchange for votes. These socialist politicians in Congress go into a tirade and sermonize others with their invective language over the conditions at the border. Yet, the cities in their own districts have hundreds of decaying rat-infested buildings, drugs, and thousands of homeless living on the streets. Maybe they should spend less effort incentivizing illegal immigrants to come to America, and have more concern for their own citizens. Jack, these are the things that should terrify you.

Craig H. Pierce