Not in touch with reality

I have been reading with a silent, stirring anger in the pit of my stomach over some of the biggest, unequivocal half truths and lies that have recently appeared in the letters to the editor section of your newspaper in support of Donald Trump. Besides the obvious nausea it creates in a thinking person’s psyche, it makes you wonder where these “trumpettes” get their information, and just how gullible they can be. They seem to support 45’s all-encompassing narcissism and bloviality, regardless of anything he may say or do. No one can tell these incurable, wide-eyed unsuspecting people what to believe, for they choose for themselves to take the bait that Trump dangles daily in his derogatory tweets for their daily entertainment. For myself, I can no longer hope to change their minds, and I believe it to be a complete waste of time since they are universally incapable of accepting verifiable truths about Trump, thus rendering discussion pointless. I do however wish them the best in their ongoing battle with reality...signed... “A Logical Person”....

Michael Worden