Impact on industry

I’ve read in recent news that Congress is discussing the idea of lifting the cap on electric vehicle production, which is something that could affect all Americans.

I’ve seen firsthand the impact the smallest policy changes can have on industry and the larger economy. For that reason, I believe that this cap should not be lifted and I urge Sen. Pat Toomey to vote against any tax credit expansion.

My reasoning for my call to Sen. Toomey comes down to the costs and jobs that ultimately impact Pennsylvania’s bottom line. Purchasers of electric vehicles are eligible for a $7,500 tax credit, but in reality, most of the population is unable to qualify for these credits due to the expensive price tag that comes with these cars. Not only are these cars expensive, but people across Pennsylvania have already expressed their concerns with the credit, according to a survey conducted by the American Energy Alliance.

Additionally, we could see jobs lost for American workers because electric vehicle production requires less labor and we can’t forget about those who have already lost their jobs because of the shift of battery production overseas. This could be detrimental in a state where about one in 10 people are employed in manufacturing jobs.

It’s evident that electric vehicle production would have a strenuous impact on our working-class state, which is why we need to pump the breaks on lifting the EV tax credit cap.

Dick Harris