Trump — Incompetence and extortion

Donald Trump has shown that he is incompetent with private ventures. He has declared bankruptcy multiple times with casinos. Trump airline failed. His football league failed. His various marketing ventures — Trump Wines, Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Games, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Travel, Trump Communications, Trump Vodka, to name a few — all failed because of Trump’s grandiose incompetence. He was ordered to pay a $25 million settlement for his fraudulent Trump University. He was ordered to pay $2 million for the misuse of funds with Trump Charity. He and his adult children are banned from starting another in New York. The profitability of his multiple properties and resorts are questionable and will be determined when his taxes are released and examined in the very near future.

During the current impeachment hearings, Trump’s reign as president is being exposed as an abuse of power for personal and political gain. The charges include attempted extortion and bribery of Ukraine, blaming Ukraine for interfering in our 2016 election when all of our intelligence agencies including a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee investigation determined that it was Russia, witness tampering, witness intimidation, gross obstruction of justice, and colluding with a hostile foreign power to interfere with an upcoming election. Multiple credible expert witnesses have testified about the extortion charges, and Congress was briefed by our intelligence agencies that it was Russia, not Ukraine that interfered in the 2016 election.

To counter the charges, Trump and Republicans are essentially burying their heads, claiming foul with no credible evidence, and attempting to defend Trump using obstruction, debunked conspiracy theories, fantasies, lies, and yelling rather than fact and Constitutional law. Trump is unfit for any office, public or private, and Congressional Republicans who pretend to defend him are delusional. Or, good grief, perhaps they have been compromised by Russia too.

John L. Ferri