Response to John Ferri LTE of 12/20/19

John’s latest LTE submittal is loaded not only with his typical one-sided personal Trump hating bias, now he is spewing incorrect information. He rants how the RNC main computers were hacked but only the DNC hacks were released as was reported by the NYT and CNN-Rachel Maddow so it must be true. RIGHT? WRONG! Jim Comey, the Obama/Biden/Clinton FBI Trump hating lapdog, clearly reported “that the Russian hackers had accessed outdated email domains associated with the RNC, but not the active RNC or the Trump campaign. We did not develop any evidence that the Trump campaign or the current RNC was successfully hacked.”

Also, John presents his one-sided view that there is “incontrovertible evidence that he should be impeached and removed from office.” And “multiple constitutional scholars and lawyers agree.” Well, apparently John is unaware of two of the most premier constitutional scholars, i.e., Alan Dershowitz and Johnathan Turley, both very staunch liberals who openly admitted to voting for Hillary in the 2016 election, STRONGLY DISAGREE.

DERSHOWITZ: “It would be unconstitutional to impeach the president on these grounds. And the message has to be, Congress is not above the law. They can’t make it up as they go along. They can’t make up crimes. To have a crime, you have to find something in the statute book that existed before the actions took place, and that was clear and unequivocal. It’s just not there.” Everything the socialist House liberals presented were hearsay, rumors, assumptions, etc. NO FACT WITNESSES. Thus, there is NO “incontrovertible evidence that he should be impeached and removed from office.” You cannot impeach a president because you don’t like him! Basically the socialist Democrats want to impeach a president for trying to investigate/expose a crime and then elect the person who actually committed a crime. Biden blackmailed Ukraine with a billion tax payer dollars to drop a criminal investigation into his son and the socialists want to impeach Trump for simply asking if it was true. UNBELIEVABLE.

John J. Fedorchak

Sr. St. Simons Island, Ga.

Former Bradford County resident