Snub Trump, Joe

Well now that I have your attention, I am referring to Joe Gibbs Racing, not Joe Biden. In 2017 J.G. Racing with Martin Truex Jr. won the Nascar championship driving a Toyota Camry. At the White House outdoor awards ceremony, Trump never put the TV cameras on the car or mentioned that it was a Toyota.

Now fast forward to 2018 and Joey Logano won the championship and was at the White House. Donald Trump went out of his way to say that it was a Ford Fusion and had the cameras focus all over it.

Now the 2019 awards will be coming up and Joe Gibbs Racing won again with Kyle Busch driving a Toyota Camry. Now I hope J.G.R. learned their lesson from 2017 and make a point to not attend. If you do go, you, Kyle, and the whole pit crew should circle the car, and kneel. He’ll love it.

If this is all about buying American, then he should have thought about it when he bought hundreds of thousands of tons of steel from China for all of his buildings. Another example of a hypocritical Pinocchio.

Philip P. Calvert ll

Forks Township