Letter to the Editor, Feb. 15, 2020

Our outstanding YMCA

I lost my wonderful dog of nearly 14 years in early 2019, and knew the frequency of daily walks would decline. I had been going to Silver Sneakers once a week for several months at that point, and decided to do the full twice a week program. My objectives were to improve toning, flexibility, and balance. Mid-year, I added a weekly yoga session.

At this point, I have experienced noticeable positive results from these programs. Snow shoveling is easier. Ibuprofen and heating pad sessions for unhappy muscles after ladder climbing to clean gutters is a thing of the past. My balance and flexibility are both significantly improved.

Sonia, our YMCA instructor for these programs, does an outstanding job. They recently added 24 hour access.

I had known about 1/3 of the class members before joining, and now have several new friends. We support and look out for one another.

I have never been a “morning person,” but look forward to setting my alarm on class days. First time I have ever enjoyed exercise; the U.S. Army never made it all that enjoyable. My only regret is not joining earlier.

Theodore J. Rieth