Letter to the Editor, Feb. 14, 2020

Telling the truth

This letter to the editor is in response to the letter by Margaret Dell who puts forth that our president never tells the truth. That is a very brash statement and begs for three or four egregious examples to back up such a statement. I agree that telling the truth is important. However, when one lays all the lying to one side and ignores the very consequential lies of the other side it is bothersome.

How about when Schiff told a completely false rendition of the president’s phone call with the president of the Ukraine? Certainly that was a very serious lie with serious consequences. How about the lie that Schiff did not know and had not spoken to the whistleblower? That was proven to be another bold face lie. Nancy Pelosi also told a pack of lies during the last three years. Do only alleged lies by the president count and lies by the Democrats are not important?

Next time someone says that the president never tells the truth I hope they take time to give some specific examples that have grave consequences. So what do we do to put the serious proven lies by the Democrats on the scales next to the alleged lies of the president in order to determine who we should vote for? Heaven help us! Yes you are right, everyone is watching.

Ken Cooke