About the electors

In the Jan. 6 edition of The Daily Review, Mr. Keller wrote a guest article and one sentence is very interesting. He wrote, “Until these unlawful actions are acknowledged and corrected, I cannot support electors chosen on a flawed statewide vote count.” My ballot didn’t have any “electors” on it, only candidates running for elected office, so in essence Mr. Keller is stating that no candidates should have been acknowledged as winning until the issues he believes exist are rectified. One would think that Mr. Keller would immediately step down from office until these issues are resolved. He can’t have it both ways by saying that the votes for him are valid but the other votes on the same ballot are invalid, either they are all valid or not.

Christopher Streit



I almost never get angry. I literally cannot remember the last time I was angry. Now I am angry. Democrats were always the loyal opposition. Now they are out to destroy the greatest country on Earth and its Constitution. Along with their media allies, they traffic in hate and lies. They silence those they disagree with. I hope that we elders live long enough to tell our grandchildren, in public schools and colleges where different political positions are not permitted, about a time when people were free to express their opinions without fear of reprisal. Though they probably won’t believe us.

Duane Campbell