Letter to the Editor, July 30, 2020

Are they embarrassed yet?

In response to Dale Adams’ great letter to the editor dated July 18 titled “Are They Embarrassed Yet?” I would like to thank you for reading my letter and your response. However, you never offered a rebuttal to refute what I wrote was not the truth. I will never be embarrassed for exercising my rights to freedom of speech.

Your entire letter was a letter of disparagement. You started your letter with the vilification of the editor of the newspaper for exercising his First Amendment rights to print my letter. Do you feel he should only print the liberals’ point of view like the fake news? You then proceeded to verbally besmirch Warren Roberts, Walt Steciw, other conservatives, as well as myself for our conservative viewpoints, and exercising our First Amendment rights to express them. I wrote in my original letter: if a conservative’s ideology is different than the political correctness of the far left, you are not a subservient disciple; you will be verbally and physically scourged for the sin of being a seditious and disloyal servant. If the liberal Democrats have no factual evidence to challenge the opposing viewpoints of others, they will try to verbally assault or criticize them with the same old talking point; it’s a conspiracy theory. They hope they can disgrace and silence them, and stop them from exercising their constitutional rights to their liberties and freedoms in the future. Your letter is a classic example of this. You did not write your letter to dispute our ideologies. Your letter was viciously and deliberately written to give conservatives a good public and verbal scourging for expressing their views and exercising their constitutional rights in hopes you can silence them. I thank you for making my point. I am going to let the contents and facts of your letter bear out the truth concerning this matter.

Craig H. Pierce