Pennsylvania’s top two liars

First: The proposals by Gov. Wolf to tax municipalities for state police help and his big proposal for taxing our area’s gas are a joke. We need the state police, but just on Route 220 that runs through Towanda, New Albany, Dushore, Laporte, etc …

Troopers make $100,000 on speeders, etc … None of the lower counties want fracking. Bradford, Susquehanna, put up with traffic, trucks, etc … We need to keep our money.

State police help. If Wolf got the tax, it may have started small, but once in, it would go up and up each year. None of the lower counties want fracking, but their politicians want the money. Bradford, Susquehanna, Sullivan, Lycoming, and Wyoming put up with the traffic, trucks, etc …

Second: I do not know if most people know, but our Attorney General Shapiro has signed with a few other liberal states to save his pro-abortion views.

He is supposed to work for all people, not pro-abortion. I know he lied about vets and opioids. His anti-Catholicism against dead priests was proven wrong.

He is running for governor on the backs of us Christians. He is a bigot and should be removed from office.

Ed Thall