The Democrats want to give financial reparation to the descendants of African Americans who were enslaved in the 16th and 17th centuries. Why should we as a nation, pay compensation to the descendants of African Americans for the sins of our great, great, great grandparents, and the past sins of the Democrats? Giving them reparation will not change history, and it will not ease the suffering of those who actually suffered under the task master’s whip. So, just what do they hope to accomplish by giving them reparation? They have become so sanctimonious; they believe they can make atonement for their iniquities, inflicted upon the slaves centuries ago, by handing out money to their descendants.

The African Americans are not the only ethnic group in American to suffer atrocious violations of their Civil Rights at the hands of the Democrats or our government. In 1830, President Andrew Jackson, signed the Indian Removal Act into law, which led to “The Trail of Tears.” Five Indian nations were forced to walk hundreds of miles to Oklahoma to their new reservations. Many died from starvation, exposure, and disease. Franklin Roosevelt’s War Relocation Act interred 120,000 Japanese Americans in penal camps with armed guards. This atrocious action was due to our government’s racism and discriminatory treatment of Asian Americans.

If you disagree with their ideologies on reparation, or any of their ideologies, they will tie you to the whipping post of shame, and scourge you with their excruciating odious words and vicious mendacities of racial insults which are their new task master’s whip.

They want you to believe that reparation is a financial entitlement, a compensation for past sins; or is it really a financial enticement? Ask yourself; are they truly repentant for centuries old atrocities, or are they pandering for votes?

Craig H. Pierce