Treasonous acts

What countries around the world invite foreign invaders and gives them drivers licenses to get them registered to vote in national elections? Since when does a country let foreign invaders vote in their national elections? This borders on treasonous action and I hope the courts do not allow it. No illegal foreign invader should be allowed to vote in our national election process. Yes, the census takers should be able to identify the non-citizens.

For that matter the foreign invaders should not be allowed to be covered by Social Security and be given free housing, medical, tuition and you name it. We are not yet a socialist nation and do not need to be giving citizens and non-citizens free everything that they have not earned. The only entitlement is Social Security and neither political party is dumb enough to suggest taking that away from those who have earned it. Paying off student loans, giving free medical and education and such is pure socialism! Those who promise such things say the super rich will pay for it. Guess what? The super rich will soon have their tax lawyer figure out how to avoid being raped to pay for those who are too lazy to work and pay their own way. When that happens, the socialist benefits cost will fall back on middle America. Why are all those candidates trying to destroy America with a system that has been proven to be a failure and destroyed so many other countries. It is a good thing that intelligent Americans can use the ballot box to make sure that the socialists fail to get elected.

Oh, by the way, in my last letter I failed to ask what Hillary is hiding in her 30,000 missing e-mails.

Ken Cooke