Scam warning

Just posted the following message in social media on the internet:

WARNING: Just now got this bizarre phone called that showed up on my caller ID as being from my credit card company. It was a SCAM phone call. The guy had broken English that was barely understandable. He said he was calling to get me a lower credit card interest rate and wanted to know how many credit cards I had and what the balances were. I told him I had one credit card and my balance was zero at which time he hung up. I then called my credit card company. These people can make the caller ID number look exactly like the credit card phone number including the name on the caller ID. The rep from my credit card company says they NEVER phone people with offers to lower interest rates and if they do have offers they will notify people by email or snail mail and even with those its best to call the number on the credit card itself like I did today. They are in the process of investigating this scam. When I was talking with the real rep, I told her my very first clue was this clown asking me what my credit card balance was. If he was really a rep from my credit card, that info is right there for the rep to see. Even when I dialed the real number from my credit card, a recording went through all my charges and balance. So BEWARE everyone, the snakes are out there trying to get your credit card info.

Vic Lawson

Columbia Cross Roads