Out of our minds

On the front page of the newspaper read: “House OKs budget bill ...” There was democratic opposition, with compromises in order to get the money necessary to fund schools properly, but at what cost? The Republican House refused to increase the minimum wage and also got a cut in the “cash assistance program” for the poor.

Turn to page three of the newspaper, and the headline reads, “More than a third Bradford county households struggling to meet basic needs.”

These ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) guidelines are a poverty figure that reflects the ability of people to handle a cash crisis in their lives, such as an emergency car repair, illness, or any unexpected expense that would require funds from weekly paychecks. These figures are from people who “have jobs” and are employed in Bradford County. These figures were broken down by locality, with Towanda and Sayre at 48%, and South Waverly at 24% with the average being 33%.

So here we are as citizens of Bradford County with a Republican rep in Congress, a Republican rep in the state House of Representatives and the Senate, plus two Republican commissioners. This is the party that is keeping us “the working poor,” and yet election after election, the Republicans carry Bradford County. The electorate continues to select people who oppose their own personal interests.

These statistics make me ask, “Aren’t you tired of barely squeaking by?” If the definition of insanity is “continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result or outcome,” my only conclusion (because we keep electing people who work against our interests) is that we are simply out of our minds!

Michael F. Worden

Athens Township