Using common sense

I can only hope that readers of the Daily Review’s Letters to the Editor will apply common sense while reading. Take for example Joyce Richlin’s letter of June 6, in which she makes a number of claims about the Green New Deal, including that it would end air travel in 10 years, that it would end fossil fuel use in 10 years, and that it would require rebuilding all structures in the country.

Common sense would tell you that no elected official would make such ridiculous proposals. Common sense would tell you that other elected officials would not openly endorse such an outrageous plan. Common sense would tell you that Ms. Richlin’s claims might be disinformation — actual fake news (not what Trump calls reporting he doesn’t like).

A quick Google search leads one to House Resolution 109 (H.Res. 109), which lays out the Green New Deal — and shows that none of Ms. Richlin’s claims are true. Read it; it’s fairly short and clear. Yes, it sets ambitious goals that will cost money, but it makes a convincing argument that if we don’t act in a big way now, climate change will cost much more — in dollars and in human suffering.

Dale Adams

Washington, D.C.

Former Bradford County resident