A new beginning

The day has come. President Donald J. Trump is not guilty. Innocent of collusion! Innocent of obstruction!

So take the Mueller Report and throw it in the fire. A waste of time and paper!

It was a waste of money! $25 million or $35 million. That money could have been used somewhere it was needed! Taxpayers’ money!

A play on words:

Republican — can win.

Democrats — rats destroy.

There are two old men running for president. One gets excited when he talks and starts spitting. How gross! The other, a yes man to Obama.

There is a woman who said she was Native American Indian. That proved to be a lie!

Now there are two young men, one who doesn’t know what to do with his hands and arms, the other one is gay. God made man and woman a couple in his eyes. Please think about your vote.

We need a man like Donald J. Trump to keep on making America great again. I trust him and support him.

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda