The biggest scam ever

Gov. Tom Wolf is trying to get the carbon credits tax slowly incorporated here. NO THANK YOU. Back in the 50s, you’d hear people say, “Some day government will think up an excuse to tax us for breathing.” That time has come and it’s being pushed by people like Tom Wolf and Al Gore. So how do you push through the biggest scam ever? You scare people and falsely tell them man-made CO2 is cooking the planet, and convince them you have the cure. Problem is Mom Nature has a way of foiling the best man-made plans. On March 13 the wind chill was about 20 above zero. Global warming wasn’t agreeing with what people had been preaching, so they switched to something that has been happening since the birth of the planet, “climate change.” But climate change isn’t measured in decades, it’s measured in centuries. IF most people in the world could be convinced, the “carbon credits scam” would be easy to enact worldwide. Bureaucrats would determine what your carbon footprint should be. Whenever you buy gasoline, electricity, fuel to heat your home, a card will be debited. Run out of credits, your fuel supply could be cut off unless you can buy surplus credits at a much higher penalty price. The commodities exchange will of course be run by Al Gore and his cronies, making them trillions of dollars. And the really strange thing is Wolf, Gore and their bureaucrats will be telling the world “PROBLEM SOLVED” without any evidence. I for one do not want politicians screwing with Mom Nature. The amount of CO2 is currently approximately .000385% of the atmosphere. If that number should collapse, all life on the planet will die. This is historically a dangerously low number, not something politicians should be manipulating.

Vic Lawson

Columbia Cross Roads