Response to LTE of Fred Hunt published April 28

Fred asks how anyone could support a person of questionable character such as President Trump because of his divorces, flirtations.

I openly acknowledge President Trump is a man of flawed character but then again who is not, especially any politician?

I (and many others) voted for President Trump because I believed he would address the serious issues facing our nation and not just talk about them and that he would get things done for the good of our great republic after a disastrous reign of the Obama/Biden/Hillary regime and he has not let me down despite the obstructive efforts of the socialist/communist liberal Democrats. Also, keep in mind our choice for president was Trump or Hillary. Good grief, that was a no-brainer. Hillary? Wow, talk about a person of flawed character!

Jimmy Carter may have had less human flaws than President Trump, but he also ranks as one of the two worst American presidents in modern history. By the way Fred, I must have missed your letter of moral outrage/condemnation regarding the rape(s), harassment, philandering, sexual exploitation of a subordinate intern, etc ..., by President Clinton coupled with his dirty dealings while an official in Arkansas.

About your comment regarding the cost involved with President Trump and the first lady trips to Florida, I will be kind and not mention the extravagance of Barry and Michelle. Again, Fred, I must have missed your letter of condemnation on the extravagances of the Obamas.

Fred also takes a shot at President Trump adding to the national debt. Of course I am not happy about the debt, but some of these costs are a result of the Obama/Biden regime. Again, Fred, I missed your letter of condemnation about Obama/Biden DOUBLING the national debt during their reign of disaster and the fact that the Obama/Biden regime racked up MORE DEBT than ALL the previous administrations in our history COMBINED.

Fred, most of your other criticisms are inane, very biased, short sighted, narrow minded, and a distortion of facts and not worthy of retort. However, one area that I cannot ignore is your indignation that President Trump is fighting the multitude of NEW subpoenas issued by the socialist/communist Democrat obstructionists. I ask you to consider this: President Trump successfully underwent four major investigations/probes. First by the Trump hating upper echelon of the FBI, then by a bipartisan panel within the House, then by a bipartisan panel in the Senate and just recently by Trump hating Special Counsel Mueller. Special Counsel Mueller was a personal friend of Trump-hating James Comey, who was appointed by Trump-hating acting AG Rod Rosenstein. Mueller, in turn, hired 17-plus Trump-hating Democrat lawyers/investigators including Hillary’s personal lawyer of the corrupt Clinton Foundation, plus used the power of a multitude of other government agencies, dissected 1.4 million pages turned over by the Trump staff, tens of thousand of e-mails, hundreds of grand jury testimonies, hundreds of interviews, etc ... At no time during this ill-founded probe did President Trump refuse any demand for data/interviews/information. At no time did he exercise Executive Privilege, which was his constitutional right. Now, does anyone with an iota of active brain cells believe that if these groups had anything of substance that they would not have indicted or recommended prosecution? These NEW subpoenas are nothing more than road blocks to tie up President Trump and his administration from having any more successes as well as obstruct probes into the Obama/Biden/Hillary criminal acts. And he should ignore/fight these NEW politically motivated subpoenas. What makes anyone think that if four major investigations have not turned up anything, a few Congress critters will come up with anything but political garbage? By the way, I stand by my previous LTE prediction that there will be many Obama/Biden/Hillary corrupt members facing serious indictments/criminal charges.

The action of the obstructionist Democrats is to distract from the fact that they have nothing good to offer, i.e. socialism/communism, The New Green Deal, eliminate cow flatulence, open borders, free everything for everybody including illegal invaders, reparations, allowing murderers/terrorists in prison to vote, debt forgiveness, etc ...

John J. Fedorchak Sr.

Former resident of Bradford County