Abortion unveiled

Sunday afternoon 250 people attended a showing of the movie “Unplanned.” The movie follows the true story of Abby Johnson. Abby, as a Planned Parenthood manager, comes face to face with what actually happens in an abortion. The film is well done and handles difficult material. You can feel the pain of women going through these procedures. It exposes many of the lies that women are told as they face the toughest decisions of their lives. Some of the lies: 1) It is just a lump of cells, not a baby. Actually, every abortion involves the death of a unique human being. 2) The procedures are safe, easy and painless. Actually, there are no warnings or disclaimers as we might expect from any other medical procedures regarding the physical risks or consequences of that procedure. 3) Planned Parenthood counsels women on what is best for them, actually it hard sells abortions as the only option. 4) Planned Parenthood is a charity that is about protecting women. Actually, it is a billion-dollar industry that is funded primarily by abortions and dollars from the U.S. government and donors such as Soros, Gates Foundation and Warren Buffett. 5) Planned Parenthood shows compassion towards women in trouble. Actually, it is about the profit of the institution that matters, not the health or lives of their patients. It shows a girl that is pushed into an abortion by her father and almost bleeds to death. Not wanting publicity, they refused to call an ambulance. 6) The pro-life advocates are accused of being unfeeling toward the women. Actually, the movie shows that they are the ones that care more about helping women in trouble coming for abortions, more than the employees of Planned Parenthood. The movie is a life changing event. Every American should attend with an open mind. Look for additional showings in Canton and Sayre.

Mike Kilmer


Chairman, Bradford County Pennsylvanians for Human Life