The crisis at our border

Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are right; we have a manufactured crisis at our southern border, but who manufactured it and why? This crisis has been allowed to augment, and it has morphed into a catastrophe. The truth of the matter is the Democrats feel they need the votes of the illegal immigrants to stay in power. There is little doubt, in my mind. Literally thousands of them voted in the last presidential election. There are few safe guards in place to prevent them from voting. In many states, you don’t even have to show ID; it is considered voter suppression. The idea of voter suppression is not new. It was used by the Democrats, with their Jim Crow laws, to prevent African Americans from voting after the Civil War. It was a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. No vote from the African Americans was better than a vote for a Republican candidate. If you don’t feel you can get enough votes from your own citizens, based on your merits and policies, to stay in power – well, I guess you just import voters from Mexico and Central America, promise them the moon, and give them the right to vote in our presidential elections, which the Democrats are very eager to do.

In the first four months of this year, we have had more than 418,000 illegal immigrants crossing our southern border; some are even escorted by armed guards. I have nothing against immigrants coming to America, but they need to do it legally like thousands of others have. They should be vetted so we at least know who they are and where they came from. The Democrats in Congress tell us how they want border security, yet they do everything they can to obstruct the president from securing our southern border. They refuse to pass any bills to solve the crisis on the border because of their loathing of President Trump. They seem to do everything under the sun to encourage immigrants to make the treacherous trip of hundreds of miles to come to America. Let me elucidate it for you in simple terms: “The liberal and socialist democrats in congress want open borders at all cost!”

The dysfunctional, and delusional liberal Democrats in Congress have weaponized and are abusing their powers to fulfill their personal agendas, to besmirch and destroy our president, and doing opposition research for the DNC for the 2020 election, all with taxpayer’s money.

There have been more than two years and $35 million of taxpayers’ money spent in an attempt to bring down our president. They have done nothing but chase the wind. What they are doing is nothing short of ignominiousness. Their attempted coup is over, and it is time to for them to put their hatred aside and move on. They need to pull their heads out of the sand and do the job they were elected to do; legislate and protect our national border!

The socialist Democrats have developed the ideology and authoritarian attitude that if you dare to disagree with them over the crisis at our border you are a racist and a bigot. They want anyone who has any conservative values to sit down, shut up, and obey. If you don’t, they are very quick to excoriate you with their diatribes.

Many cities and some states have openly defied federal laws and developed, almost to the point of insurrection, sanctuary enclaves where they can harbor illegal immigrants and protect them from deportation. They seem to be eager and willing to take them in with open arms. It would be an excellent place to send them, where they can seek asylum without fear of being deported. Let them accept some of the financial responsibility for them. It just doesn’t seem right to force the cities along the border to accept the financial responsibly to care for hundreds of thousands of people who are seeking, shelter, food, clothing, and the basic necessities of life. It would be nice if we were to put them in some of the most influential communities of the country or the districts where our congressman live. I am sure Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi would gladly accept them in their districts. It would be a great opportunity for these immigrants to live in the more influential areas. They would have access to better schools, housing, health care, and many other opportunities. Of course, you probably realize I am being facetious. However, it would give these liberal politicians a chance to fulfill with their hands what they say with their mouths, or they can expose themselves for their hypocrisy and nimbyism.

Craig H. Pierce