Addressing the concerns

A response to Fred Hunt, but first I would like to preface my retort with this comment from a friend and my answer. He noted “Too bad Trump can never do anything wrong in your LTE pieces.” It’s not that I think Trump never does anything wrong as I noted several times, it’s a response to those who think Trump never does anything right.

Now, to Fred Hunt’s LTE of 5/10/2019:

1.) “ ... the only democratic president I have ever voted for was Obama in 2008 believing Sarah Palin was not qualified to be a vice-president.” So, instead you voted for an unknown someone with no experience/accomplishments to be president of whom you knew nothing about because most of his background was hidden, manufactured or sealed from public review? The only thing we knew about Obama was that he was a community organizer whose main job was to get one group to fight/hate another group. Hmm, kinda like his presidency.

2.) “Mr. Fedorchak has been enabled by the Daily in his writings by not telling where he lives and by his mean-spirited writings.” I don’t know for sure, but I doubt the Daily editor and I agree politically. Also, what does where I live have to do with anything? However, to satisfy your query, I have been a resident of northeast Pennsylvania for 60 years and a resident in Bradford County for 40 years. I am retired and living in Georgia. I still visit Bradford County as I have friends and family in the area.

3.) “I am not sure how a series of questions without comment could be a distortion of the facts.” Many innocent questions without comment can be a considered a distortion of facts. For example, I wonder how many times John Doe beat his dog?

John J. Fedorchak Sr.

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Former resident of Bradford County