It is coming to light that a bunch of Democratic Pennsylvania lawmakers have drafted into law a bunch of unconstitutional, fraudulent and illegal laws to get more ballots counted in this year’s election. Our lovely national Constitution actually spells out that only legal ballots will be considered when the Electoral College meets to do their thing. Thus, when all the illegal, unconstitutional and fraudulent laws are tossed out, all the illegal ballots will also be thrown out and the Electoral College will be considering only the actual legal ballots. The unsigned ballots and all the other garbage ballots will be in the trash can where they belong. Perhaps Mrs. Biden should freshen up Joe’s den as he may be spending a lot of time there soon. The same will hold true in Michigan and several other states where illegal and unconstitutional ballots were filed.

Joe will need a comfortable place to hang out while waiting to be indicted for all the crimes he committed by funneling millions of dollars in income from foreign countries through Hunter and the phony jobs his dad got him by introducing him to the foreign dignitaries who funneled the millions of dollars that Joe would get a cut from while serving as vice president. The FBI has the evidence and so do Trump’s lawyers. It is only a matter of time before the charges are filed. As Yogi once said, “It ain’t over until it is over!”

Ken Cooke