A landslide blowout historic election

In November 2016, Kellyanne Conway tweeted, “306. Landslide. Blowout. Historic,” of Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton even though Hillary had 3 million more popular votes. Four years later, Joe Biden’s win over Trump is even more of a landslide historic blowout. Even though Trump received 72.9 million votes, the record for a sitting president, 5.8 million more people voted for Biden.

Trump has lied about election security since taking office and is still lying about it. He slowed mail delivery. Republicans attempted to suppress votes any way they could. Their efforts failed miserably even during a deadly pandemic. No evidence of fraud has been found anywhere, and Trump’s desperate and ill-conceived lawsuits are being dismissed everywhere. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared this election the most secure ever. Trump fired the person who told the truth.

In desperation, Trump proposed to the leaders of four critical states that they select their electors to vote for Trump rather than for the winner of the state, Biden. In an ethical dilemma, Republican leaders said that they would not participate in this legally dubious scheme.

Rather than use his last days in office for the good of the country, Trump has been absent, whining, and golfing. He has repeatedly lied that the pandemic is turning a corner, implying lessening. It’s not. It’s getting very much worse, everywhere. Trump has allowed the virus to explode throughout the country by not implementing a coherent federal strategy. Tens of thousands more Americans, possibly hundreds of thousands, will die unnecessarily. The pandemic is spreading so rapidly in the United States that international aid workers have arrived to help overworked medical professionals who lack critical supplies and equipment. Doctors Without Borders is sending physicians to help get the virus under control — here in the United States. They usually work in third world countries. But now they are needed in the America that Trump created.

John L. Ferri