Fighting flooding

I would like to thank Sen. Yaw for his efforts on the streams and waterways bill.

Although I have not seen the entire bill as of yet, it is a step in the right direction.

The paper nor Sen. Yaw talked on cost of permits.

One can only wonder if they are really going to get proactive and fund this program. After all, they seem to find money for all of their pet projects.

It would be nice if they would pick one area and do the proper job, and try something new. The old way does not work.

And just for the record, where is state Rep. Pickett on this matter?

One would think that they both should be talking to the COGS on any of these issues. Township supervisors are always the first to see the problem and never asked how to handle it.

In closing, if you in Harrisburg have not seen kids and residents scared to death or have been in a flood, you can’t understand. Include us in your committees or have a round table with us as elected officials and you may gain a vote.

Gale Bowen

Windham Township Supervisor