The three biggest Republican lies

Here are the three biggest lies the Republicans are spreading or going to spread in the 2020 election

1. The Democrats are all Socialists/Communists that want to turn America into Venezuela. This is an old trick. The Republicans can’t run for elections on who they are, and they can’t run against who the Democrats actually are. So instead they create a pretend version of the Democrats and try to run against that imaginary opponent. It fits in with the lie that the Democrats have a weak pool of candidates. Reality is, for anyone anywhere near the nomination, the Democrats are running the League of Extraordinary Candidates.

2. Republicans are pro-babies and anti-abortion. If you are against abortion you don’t stand in the way of sex education in our schools and work to block affordable accessible birth control. This would be like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers demanding an end to classes that teach bartenders how not to over-serve or MADD working to pass laws to prohibit taxis and Uber/Lyft from operating at bar time. Eighty percent of abortions are the direct result of Republican opposition to sex-ed and affordable accessible birth control. That Republicans are against abortion is a lie.

3. The economy is booming! Nope. This is just the extra cash in your pocket you have in those first two months after you decide to stop making your house and car payments. The problem comes in that third month. There was not a tax cut because there was no spending cut. Just the opposite really. The money from us not paying our bills has all gone into the stock market and created a bubble. When that bubble bursts, as all bubbles do, that money will be gone, but not the debt we owe on that money or the 30 years of compounding interest. Are we really okay with our grandchildren having to pay for our temporary 401k windfall?

Michael Worden