The Golden Rule

Did you go to church today, Sunday, Sept. 29?

Do you know the Golden Rule? Do you try to live by it?

Impeachment of our president is a big thing going on now.

Today (Sept. 29), in The Sunday Review, I have read a few different views of what is going on.

Among Democrats, 88% approve of the investigation while 93% of Republicans disapprove. What goes around comes around. The Democrats will lose!

Mike Staffieri, a retiree and Republican who lives outside of Richmond, Virginia, said in an Associated Press article that Democrats were trying to “throw enough poop at the wall and hope something sticks!”

In another paragraph, the watchdog raised concerns that Trump may have violated campaign finance law.

The Justice Department said there was no crime and closed the matter. So how can the Democrats do this?

This is from columnist Rich Lowry: “As for Hunter Biden, he, too, is a fit subject for investigation and an apt symbol of one of the worst aspects of American life, namely, how easy it is for people with proximity to power to get rich. Hunter had no evident talent worthy of a $50,000-a-month gig with a Ukrainian energy company, except for being the vice president’s son.”

The American people are fed up with the Democrats and their accusations about the president and his cabinet members.

My conclusion is that the whistleblower is someone who is working as a spy for the Democrats.

Why not investigate the people doing the investigating? They are not perfect.

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda