To the Bradford County Commissioners and others responsible

After listening to my “scanner” — emergency response radio — for 35-40 years as a member of the Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Association and as a Tri-Township Ambulance Association charter member and EMT responder for most of the same number of years, I have become irritated, disturbed and disappointed of the maintenance care given the microphones of the emergency response radio system.

Whether it is the responsibility of the manager of the Bradford County emergency response system or the Bradford County Commissioners, I would be very surprised if any of them have listened to the “noise laden” microphone transmissions that come from the “com center.”

I am sure that some will say, ”It’s none of his damn business!” But even though I have rarely attended fire company meetings in years, I do try to keep track of their progress and efficiency. And at my age (close to 90), I must leave emergency response activity to a son and some grandsons.

However, I would like to see the microphones at the “com center” cleaned up and the extreme noise from the microphones reduced!

And another point, the commissioners or some other responsible parties should spend some time and listen to the elocution of the EMS radio people! There have been in the past some very good ones. However, today, a number of the operators mumble, talk too fast or just do not have voices suitable for emergency radio service transmissions!

I’m done (almost)! But, I must say, that I thought that it might be just “nasty old me.” However, I have recently heard from several “old timer” friends that they agree! So, it is not just me!

Ramon Yale