President Trump, a man of many firsts

President Trump is the first President to:

  • Hold a campaign acceptance speech at the White House in violation of the Hatch Act.
  • The first to allow his wife to give a campaign speech in the Rose Garden.
  • To allow his Sec. of State to provide a campaign speech in a foreign country in violation of the Hatch Act.
  • Have a naturalization ceremony in White House and then use it in the campaign.
  • To allow the use of force against non-violent protestors in the nation’s capital so he could have a photo op holding the bible upside down.
  • To say he was a wartime president against COVID-19 and yet has only met with the task force once since April.
  • To spend most weekends at his own golf resorts at a huge cost to the taxpayer and a huge benefit to the Trump organization in violation of the emolument’s clause of the Constitution.
  • To separate more than 4,400 children from their parents under the zero-tolerance policy and kept many of them in cages until a court forced the administration to discontinue the policy.
  • Shut down the government for a month in 2018 to get funding for the wall and has built only five miles of new wall.
  • Have 215 criminal indictments in his administration whereas the Obama administration had 0. Nixon- 76; Reagan-26; Carter-1 and Clinton -2.
  • Tell more than 20,000 false or misleading claims while president.
  • Have a niece who writes a book telling why he is not fit to be a president.
  • Have an older sister and former respected judge who privately mentions his unfitness to be president including “he lies all the time.”

Fred Hunt

Standing Stone