A case of common sense

EDITOR: Mr. Fedorchak Sr., I just wanted to let you know that you’re wrong about me not being satisfied with Trump. I am just not satisfied with him being in the driver’s seat. You’re also wrong about me being a Trump hater. There was a time when I would have loved to have him sit around a camp fire throwing the bull. No so much now. But I still don’t hate Trump, hate Republicans or anything else. Oh wait, there is one thing I do hate — running out of beer. That said, I want to thank you for not taking advantage of my history education. You see, while in school I only got Cs, but I did really good in common sense. And my common sense tells me what Trump has and is doing is damaging America.

The economy and employment is good, I grant him that. Can I say he was left with the economy and employment on the rise when he got in the driver’s seat or would that be one of those qualifying “buts” to diminish his credit.

The rich are doing very very well, corporations are doing fantastic, share holders are dancing in the streets. Everything is great. People are going to lose their health care. People with pre-existing conditions are either going to lose their care or won’t be able to afford it. Reintroducing the climate to more pollution, not so great. I could go on and on about the not so great things, but you might think I don’t like Trump. About obstruction, do you recall years back when someone said, “Our job here is to make Obama a one-term president?” That was the start of the Republican obstruction. Even until the very end of Obama’s term in office, they wouldn’t even allow a hearing on a nominee for the Supreme Court. Now that’s what you call obstructionism.

Now let’s talk about lies. Obama, how many? Trump, 4,000 and still counting. Corruption, have you ever checked Trump’s record from before and now? Attacks, bad reputations of our intelligence agencies and ordinary people, you say? Have you not read about a Muslim family who’s son died while serving in the military, the lawyer who was assigned to hear one of Trump’s many lawsuits, Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, etc. (too many to list.) Now about “distortions,” again, too many to list but I will bring up a couple that you brought up. You imply that I am comparing Trump with being a murderer and a brutal butcher when in fact I said he was trying to destroy the press, our intelligence agencies and the Justice Department. Distortion number two, Mexico’s wall. You seem to say Mexico will pay for the wall by all the benefits America will get through renegotiations. Well, I have a better one than that. How about negotiating a deal with the Mexican drug cartels to pay for the wall. How’s that for distortion? Let’s stop the distortions and just admit that the wall will not be built or that “guess who” is really going to pay for it. Can I say not Mexico? By the way, I have come up with a nickname for Trump. Do you remember P.T. Barnum? And do you remember his famous quote about one born every day? Well, Trump’s new name could be P.T. Barnum because there seems to be an influx of those people being born since Trump got into office. One more thing, John, you seem to be one of those Obama haters because it doesn’t seem to me that Obama could do anything to satisfy you.

Jerry McMenamin