A letter to Sen. Gene Yaw

Dear Sen. Yaw,

Several years ago Pennsylvania had a promising wind development program. Using the Pennsylvania Electric Choice program I was able to source my electric use for two or three years with 100% new wind generated right here in Pennsylvania. With little or no support from the state government the opportunity for Pennsylvania to become a leader in wind technology never materialized. Every year I still shop for 100% wind generated electricity, but sadly my support goes to mid-west states or Texas. What a shame.

Renewable energy technologies are experiencing remarkable growth rates. As solar, wind, bio-energy, etc ... uses continue to increase the costs have become very competitive, and Pennsylvanians want more renewables.

In 2010/2011 The Center for Rural Pennsylvania sponsored a study to assess: Pennsylvanians’ Attitudes Toward Renewable Energy. “The survey results found hydropower, solar electricity, wind power and improved efficiency were all highly rated. Survey respondents were in favor of increasing the percentage of electricity generated from renewable sources, even if such an increase would cost them money.”

As chair of the Pennsylvania Senate’s Environmental Resources & Energy Committee you are in an ideal position to promote renewable energy programs, which could bring thousands of clean, high-paying jobs to our state, give a tremendous boost to the our economy, create energy independence, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. What are you waiting for?

John W. Palmer