Letters to the Editor, April 7, 2020

Making America great?

With Trump, each day brings a new low — or many of them.

At a coronavirus briefing last week he said this: “The professionals did the models; I was never involved in a model, but — at least this kind of model — but, you know what, hundreds of thousands of people they say are going to die.”

So while acknowledging predictions of hundreds of thousands of American deaths he sees fit to note his affairs with fashion models? The man’s a sociopath — devoid of empathy, the quality we need in a president right now.

And yet the Republicans still believe Trump is making America great.

Dale Adams

Washington, D.C.

Former Bradford County resident

Helping businesses

If you want your favorite local sit down diner to survive this current crises with only serving take out meals, how about going there and buying a $100 or $200 gift certificate. That way the owner of the diner will have an influx of cash to help them survive until the thing is over. Then you can gradually use your gift certificate to once again go there for your usual sit down meal. If enough of the local patrons do this the diner will in effect have an interest free loan to help them survive. I am sure the purchase of lots of smaller gift certificates would be just as welcome. In doing what we can together we will get through this.

Ken Cooke