Letters to the Editor, Aug. 1, 2020

Identifying racism

Every day on one sort of social media or another I read about racism. Let’s abolish racism, protest for racism, riot for racism, destroy history for racism. Racism is here, it’s true, and there is one and only one way to stop it. I will probably hurt some feeling with this but the truth is quite often painful. It is all good and fine to be proud of your heritage and where your ancestors came from, but as long as we put an identifier in front of the word American the will be racism. It doesn’t matter what you use, African, Asian, Latin, European, Hispanic, Martian, as soon as you identify yourself as someone other than American you are yelling out LOOK AT ME I’M SPECIAL, and that makes people uncomfortable. Until we can all look in the mirror and only see an American looking back there will be racism. Our forefathers planned this country as a melting pot where each of our individual flavors would mix together and compliment each other, not as individual dishes.

If I offended anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings with this I do apologize, but as I said earlier the truth is often painful.

Dean Vanderpool


Sen. Tom Cotton

This evening, 7-29-20 , on the Fox News Tucker Carlson Show, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas discussed legislation that he has written to negate efforts by “so-called educators” who claim that our country was founded in 1619 when the first Black slaves were brought to the American colonies. All parents and grandparents should check and see what their children are being taught today at the local level, because when I went to school (starting in 1935) we were taught that we became a nation with the proclamation of The Declaration of Independence in 1776!

I would expect such antics from “educators” who promote, support, and try to lead local students on marches to protest the unfortunate death of a multi-convicted thief, drug addict, sex predator! And it has led to the riots across the country, which have been financed by a New York City billionaire Émigré who has been known for his efforts to disrupt our government and bring it under the control of a United Nations-led world government.

Come on people, check what your, OUR, children are being taught in the local schools!

Ramon Yale