Craig Pierce writes that my letter of July 18 disparaged conservatives, but my letter made no mention of conservatives or conservatism. It did, however, point out lunacy.

Claiming that electing Joe Biden will cause us to abandon the Constitution, lose our freedoms, and become another Venezuela is not conservatism. It’s lunacy.

Speculating that Dr. Fauci worked with the Chinese to create the coronavirus and unleash it on the world is not conservatism. It’s lunacy.

Writing, as Mr. Pierce did, that Nancy Pelosi is a “socialist goddess” hell-bent on taking away our freedoms and instituting totalitarianism is not conservatism. It’s lunacy.

There was a time when Republicans would write sensible letters to the editor advocating such conservative values as personal responsibility, family values, rule of law, defense of the Constitution, honest government, smaller government, lower deficits, respect for the military, strong international alliances, standing up to dictators, and defending democracy.

Well, Republicans today cannot persuasively argue that Donald Trump stands for traditional conservative values, and they can’t persuasively argue that Joe Biden doesn’t stand for those values.

All they have left, it seems, is lunacy.

Dale Adams

Washington, D.C.

Former Bradford County resident

Bad apples

If you owned a large apple orchard and it had a few rotten apples, you would not destroy the whole orchard but instead you would get rid of the rotten apples.

In the United States with over 328,000,000 people, you will get a few bad apples. The policeman responsible for the death of George Floyd, and looters which caused massive destruction, robbing and stealing from innocent people, and destroying peoples property and their lives and burning buildings, all of which are serious crimes. These rotten apples should ALL be brought to Justice.

Are we missing something? The color of your skin does not matter as we are all on this planet together. Black Lives Matter is totally racist because ALL LIVES MATTER. The future of America is in our hands. The rule of Law must prevail or a nation will not survive.

Walt Steciw