Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9, 2019

Medical marijuana and gun ownership

We are finally being able to get certified to use medical marijuana to try to get away from using oxycodone and other such bad side effect drugs to treat chronic pain. However, there is an unexpected road block that our federal legislators need to address. There is a federal law on the books that states that if a person uses marijuana they must turn in and forfeit gun ownership. They can not buy or own guns. This means that if they are a hunter or gun collector they have to forgo using medical marijuana unless they are willing to turn over all their guns. This law was passed before the advent of medical marijuana and obviously applies to the juiced up marijuana that a person would use to get high. Medical marijuana is just another pain medicine that does not get one high. Thus, the federal law regarding relinquishing gun ownership should not apply. We need to get on our federal legislators and have them pass legislation to exempt those who go through the medical hoops to get certified for medical marijuana from having to turn over their gun collection or hunting rifles. A law abiding citizen should not have to choose between lessor side effect pain medicine and gun ownership. There is a clear violation of ones Second Amendment rights.

Ken Cooke


Cutting through the nonsense

There is a lot of nonsense in Craig Pierce’s Aug. 7 letter, but let’s look at this part: “Radical politicians, like Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and their merry band of bandits weaponized their powers and orchestrated a surreptitious coup, through treasonous and seditious actions, to sabotage and nullify the results of our democratic electoral process.”

What is this man talking about? If it’s the Mueller investigation, Hillary Clinton had no involvement, and neither did any bandit, merry or otherwise. Robert Mueller, a respected former FBI director, led the investigation, which went by the book, from start to finish. It’s just laughable to accuse him of treason and sedition. And there was no coup; Trump is still president.

The Mueller investigation found that the Russians, through hacking and social media propaganda, worked to elect Donald Trump — and the Trump campaign eagerly accepted that help. Trump associates had more than 100 contacts with Russians, sometimes sharing campaign data. The investigation also found that Donald Trump made attempts to shut down the investigation — which is obstruction of justice — but Mueller, going by Justice Department rules, could not indict a sitting president.

Director Mueller believes that the Russians will attack our election again, but Mitch McConnell will not allow votes on election security bills that the Democratic House has passed. The Republicans might feel that the Russians will work in their favor, but perhaps next year the Chinese or another country will step up to help the Democratic candidate. Do we really want foreign governments picking our president?

Dale Adams

Washington, D.C.

Former Bradford County resident